About Us

stands for “Reliable, Competent & Genuine Equipment”.
The name of “RCG” has become synonymous with the marketing of equipment for Engineering R & D & Engineering Education in all areas of engineering and technology. From its base in Pune (India), “RCG” supplies, such equipment to establishments all over India & in neighbouring countries like Bhutan, Nepal etc. with clientele in Defence Sector, Research & Industry & Engg. Education in the areas of advanced technology technical and vocational training.

RCG Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd. inherits the legacy from company “RCG Instruments” which is based on its more than 35 years experience, “RCG” offers a comprehensive range of equipments. At the helm of these services are experienced area officers, responsible for maintaining close contact with clientele & principals. Commissioning of equipment.

RCG” expertise has been recognized by various clientele in past by awarding prestigious contracts, amongst them being international agencies like UNDIO, UNDP, ILO, WORLD BANK, GTZ, ADB, JICA, BRITISH COUNCIL etc.